Lowest Ranforce Double Size Duvet Cover Set

Lowest Ranforce Double Size Duvet Cover Set

Lowest Ranforce Double Size Duvet Cover Set

Pastel flying flowers remind of spring...

1 x Duvet Cover (200x220 cm)
1 x Bedsheet (240x260 cm)
2 x Pillow Case (50x70 cm)

What is Ranforce?

Ranforce is the name of the weaving technique. Ranforce fabrics are yarn weaving consisting of 57 wire/cm². They are health-friendly products made of 100% cotton, a completely natural raw material with high air permeability, with the texture formed by the threads on the fabric surface. It does not contain synthetics. Since the fabric structure consists of cotton, the fabric texture breathes, is healthy and long-lasting. However, as with all cotton-containing fabrics, it tends to wrinkle.

+5, -5 cm shrinkage is given in Ranforce fabric types. Because the fabric becomes denser after washing because it contains cotton. Colors retain their vividness for a long time when washed in accordance with the washing instructions. Ranforce plain is long-lasting because it contains cotton weaving. The reason is the equally weighted distribution.

What are Ranforce Fabric Features?

With the features it provides, ranforce fabric is very important for most of the items in daily life.

- It is long lasting.
- It does not contain substances harmful to human health.
- It is durable.
- Since it is a cotton fabric, it tends to wrinkle.
- It has a soft texture.
- It is made of 100% cotton, it is natural.
- Fabric texture breathes.
- Dense texture and quality.
- Requires ironing.

Price/Benefit Balance

The duvet cover sets in the product group are designed for daily use. It is produced in double and single person sizes. Ranforce product group is the products in the collections of all companies and very suitable for competitor analysis. But here, some tricks in production affect the price. Rotation printing, panel printing difference or reactive printing and pigment printing quality affect the price. High volume production reduces the price. It is a quality that is recognized by the consumer, with its 4-season use feature, sweat absorption feature. Pricing varies in the market according to the production date. The reason is that its raw material is cotton. It is a mid-segment product group that can be easily sold with complementary products with the performance we will show in the presentation and cross-selling in the stores.

Lowest Ranforce Double Size Duvet Cover Set